Oil Change

How often do you change your oil? Your manufacturer will have recommendations on how many miles you can go between changes so your oil can be changed according to how much the engine is used. They will also recommend the number of months between oil changes. This is because the additives in your oil will break down over time and not be as effective. This time/mileage schedule is based on the type of oil recommended. If you are using synthetic oil generally you can go longer between oil changes. Keep in mind though, if your manufacturer recommendations are based on the use of synthetic oil and you are using conventional oil, you will need more frequent oil changes.

Do you even know what type of oil you are using? Or should be using? This can seem more complicated than it really is. Most of you probably use good old-fashioned crude oil with the proper viscosity and grade recommended by your manufacturer. Certainly there is nothing wrong with this option and of course, it is the cheapest. But have you ever considered the other options available? Based on where you live (cold climates?) and how you drive (stop and go traffic?) synthetic oil can benefit you greatly. Synthetic oil keeps the engine cleaner, reduces engine wear at high temperatures, provides better cold-temperature starts, and improves fuel efficiency … there's some great news considering how expensive gas is these days! Though it is more expensive at the time of the oil change, in the long-run, it can lead to a healthier vehicle, fewer repairs in the future, and even more time between oil changes (5000 miles vs 3000 miles).

Do you know the brand of oil currently in your vehicle? Reputable oil brands can make a difference. Some oil companies will add just a bit of synthetic and call it a partial or semi-synthetic. Does this really make much difference? The best way an auto repair shop can be sure they are using quality oil is to buy it from a company with a good reputation. Thereby, selling it to you will leave you and us with peace of mind. This is the reason we have chosen to use Valvoline oil at Sterling Automotive Repair. They have a great reputation and they use high standard in manufacturing their oil.

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